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Salt Lake’s premier vending and Micro-Market provider. Providing quality break room and lunch room facilities with vending services. Give your team what they need to succeed.

Grogan Vending has been deemed an essential business and we have continued to work, on a limited fashion to service our customers that are open.  We use EPA approved products to disinfect machines and other equipment.  All workers wear masks, and follow other directives to keep our clients and fellow workers safe.

Our Services

Micro Markets

a completely new level of selection

Vending Services

for businesses both small and large.

Pantry Services Available

create the atmosphere you want.

Customer Service & Products

products & services like no other.

Making mealtime your office’s favorite time of the day is the mission of Grogan Vending Services.  Dedicated to offering a relaxing/stress-free environment, Grogan Vending provides the most selections and choices for your employees.  By offering food, snacks and drinks for your employees, you can answer the question to “What do I want for lunch?”.

Serving local businesses for over 15 years!

No Project To Big Or To Small

Whether you are looking for a complete lunchroom/break area for a large company or for your small independent or family business operations, Grogan Vending Services is able and ready to serve you.  Just as they have for hundreds of other Salt Lake City area businesses.

Many of Grogan Vending customers had no idea of the quality solutions that are available for their employee break room or lunch break areas and how affordable these solutions are prior to calling Grogan Vending Services in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Once they made the call, these customers had their eyes opened as to the quality and low cost solutions that Grogan Vending has available to them and how much these solutions provided an opportunity to show their staffs and associates how much they meant to them and how effective these solutions were to improving and building a positive environment.

Latest Projects

Small & Simple

Self check-out kiosk with lots of options for the hungry employee.  No need to run to the corner store when all you have to do is go to the breakroom to get something to tide you over or hit the sweet spot during the 2:00 drag.

Full Service

From deli sandwiches to fruit cups, ice cream to pizza, hot coffee to cola’s and everything inbetween if you have the demand and the space to accommodate we will take care of it.  We monitor every stop daily with remote access, and deliver based on what your specific market is in need of.

Pantry Options

With name brands you know and love, there is something for everyone.  All products are purchased at a discounted price before delivery, ensuring that everyone will have what they need.  There is still a check-out process so we can monitor what are the most popular items, and what we need to deliver on our next visit.



What We Can Do For You

With a full array of food and beverage options let us transform your break room into an employee benefit at no cost to you. We will work together to customize the solutions that will boost morale and encourage onsite dining, both of which have been proven to increase productivity.

With a variety of payment options from cash, card, or phone we have a solution for you.


Micro Markets

A Micro Market is a self-checkout convenience store located inside your building. From snacks and soda’s to fresh deli sandwiches made by premier local food artisans, ice cream to fresh fruit we deliver what fuels your business. With a web-based inventory system that allows us to deliver what you need, when you need it. We install digital video cameras to ensure the safety and quality of all our markets.

Vending Services

Grogan Vending Services is a leading food and beverage provider in Utah– servicing the Salt Lake City, Ogden and Provo/Orem areas. Grogan Vending Services offers a comprehensive selection of Food, Snacks, Drinks and healthy products – using state of the art technology equipment – for businesses both small and large.

Pantry Services

Your office environment is unique. Your lunch room or break area solutions are unique to your staff and organization. One size doesn’t fit all. Our pantry services are extremely flexible to help you create the right look, feel and product offering for your team and space. From snacks, drinks and meals, look to Grogan Vending Solutions to create the atmosphere you want.  

Customer Service

Customer service is what we are known for.  The highest quality of products and vending apparatus keeps our services on the cutting edge.  We are ready to serve all of your lunch room needs.

Client Testimonials

Since our opening in 2015, Grogan Vending Services has provided us with all of our vending needs.  Grogan has provided excellent services and they are always responsive and quick to act on any needs we have.  They always keep our inventory up to date and service the machines regularly.  I would highly recommend them to any organization looking for quality break room and/or vending services.

Chris Laughlin

Program Manager, Salt Lake City Regional Athletic Center

We rarely have any issues and when we do Grogan Vending staff quickly respond and solve any issues to our complete satisfaction. They are a joy to deal with and always highly professional.

Program Manager, Federal Agency

We have been a customer of Grogan Vending Services for five years. We have never had an issue with Grogan Vending Services at any time during the time of their great services. We find them to very proactive in their approach to products, services and professional relationship. Steve set us up with a new Micro-Market, providing all of the kiosk and equipment needs and this Micro Market is extremely popular with our staff. I highly recommend Grogan Vending Services, they are fantastic!

Mark Roberts

Support Services Supervisor, US Department of Veterans Affairs